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Frequently Asked Questions: RCM Worksaver Software

Q: What operating system does RCM WorkSaver™ run under?

A: RCM WorkSaver runs over all Windows PC Versions on 64 bit processors

Q: Is RCM WorkSaver™ hard to install?

A: The Users manual provided with the software has an easy step by step installation process. When completed, the install routine will add JMS software to your directory and allow you to launch RCM WorkSaver™ directly from your directory.

Q: What RCM process does RCM WorkSaver™ follow?

A: RCM WorkSaver™ follows the classical RCM Systems Analysis process. The classical RCM process supports the 7-Step Systems Analysis process that follows the McGraw Hill RCM book by Anthony M. Smith.

Q: What does RCM WorkSaver™ have to help the user through a 7-Step RCM analysis?

A: RCM WorkSaver™ provides a Help button on each screen for overview information on each step of the process and an Instruction button for filling out WorkSaver™ forms.

Q: Can RCM WorkSaver™ be used for an abbreviated (shortcut) analysis?

A: WorkSaver™ can be used for abbreviated studies, however it is recommended that systems that fall into the 80/20 rule (80% of problems from 20% of the systems) get the classical analysis. An abbreviated study begins on step 3-4 with a component list, immediately followed by step 5-2, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. The remaining steps 6 through 7-3 are completed as normal.

Q: How can RCM WorkSaver™ save me time?

A: Each screen in RCM WorkSaver™ is designed to automatically sort data by component numbers, component ID numbers, Functional Failure, Failure Modes, etc. This information is automatically transferred from step to step. Each step has a report that you can view or print for review or presentation.

Q: Can I use the software without having to take additional courses?

A: The software is designed to be very user friendly, with on screen helps and RCM hints. If you are already familiar with the RCM process you do not need additional training for the software. However, if you are new to RCM analysis, the software will not make you an expert. New RCM studies should be performed with the help of a consultant. Please contact one of the experts through the links on our RCM Consultants page.

Q: Is there software support provided for RCM WorkSaver™?

A: JMS provides quality technical support to registered licensed holders. Six months of free support is provided with the purchase of RCM WorkSaver™ software. A Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) may also be purchased for an additional year of support.

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