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RCM Gateway to World Class Maintenance

We are happy to present the textbook by Anthony M. (Mac) Smith “RCM–Gateway to World Class Maintenance. (Link is direct to Amazon.com.)

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This book provides valuable insights into current preventive maintenance practices and issues, while explaining how a transition from the current “preserve equipment” to “preserve function” mindset is the key ingredient in a maintenance optimization strategy. The book then defines the four principal features of RCM and describes the nine essential steps to achieving a successful RCM program

There is an easy to follow example illustrating the Classical RCM systems analysis process using the water treatment system for a swimming pool. As well as the use of software in the system analysis process, making a specific recommendation on a software product to use. Additionally, this new edition possesses an appendix devoted to discussing an economic model that has been used successfully to decide the most cost effective use of maintenance.

Additionally, there are Chapters devoted to RCM Lessons Learned, Implementation of RCM-based PM tasks, the Living RCM Program, and an Appendix devoted to discussing an economic maintenance model. As a special feature, a Chapter is devoted to the presentation of 7 actual RCM Case Studies drawn from the authors’ experiences.

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