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Reliability-Centered Maintenance Workshop: RCM Methodology & PdM Technology


A 3-Day Workshop Conducted by Two of the World’s Most Renowned Experts on RCM Methodology & PdM Technology

Each RCM Workshop is scheduled according to demand and instructor availability. Please contact us for upcoming dates at (408) 365-1975.

Instructor Biographies:

Anthony M. (Mac) Smith, P.E.
Mr. Smith has over fifty years of relevant technical and management experience (24 years with General Electric) in reliability/availability/maintainability (RAM), component and system design, hardware test and evaluation, data management, product assurance, system safety, product RCM and operational readiness reviews, and plant maintenance optimization via the RCM methodology.



He is widely known as one of the pioneers of RCM and advanced maintenance practices, and has authored the highly regarded book on RCM, “Reliability-Centered Maintenance” and co-authored a second book on the subject “RCM–Gateway to World Class Maintenance. Mac received a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University (1953) and MSME from Drexel University (1961).

Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., P.E., CMRP
Mr. Nicholas has 37 years of experience in development and application of predictive maintenance technologies, equipment reliability and root cause failure analysis, and development of PdM/CBM programs.

He was involved in development and application of ten (10) predictive technologies for the Navy in the 1970’s and 80’s. During the past 20 years he has been a consultant to and teacher of managers and key personnel of leading companies, public utilities and government activities in Asia, Australia, Caribbean and North America. Over 3000 people from over 30 countries have attended his training courses and workshops.

Jack holds a BS from the U.S. Naval Academy and MBA from The American University, Washington, DC. He is a graduate of the U.S Navy Nuclear Propulsion and submarine officer training programs. He served as Board Member, Exam Director and Certification Committee Chair for the SMRP Certifying Organization. He is co-author and editor for two texts: Predictive Maintenance Management and Advancing Reliability and Maintenance, both updated to 3rd Editions in 2008.


What You Will Learn:

  • Best practices in RCM & PdM execution, implementation & management
  • The significance of differentiating Failure Modes & Failure Causes
  • The hidden trap in the age-reliability Bath-tub curve
  • Historical ROI’s from successful RCM & PdM applications
  • Synergy of RCM + PdM used together to obtain the least-cost program
  • Strategy for defining tasks for an optimal PM/PdM program
  • Lessons Learned (including what does NOT work – pitfalls to avoid)
  • Discovering and treating potential hidden failures
  • Selecting options, planning for & expanding RCM & PdM coverage
  • Metrics for cost justifying & budgeting for PdM in good & bad times
  • Recruiting & training personnel for PdM positions – Union/Non-union
  • Assessing/auditing & strengthening existing PdM programs
  • Latest new & upcoming developments in PdM that will affect you

Who Should Attend

This Workshop is directed to both O&M management and craft technician personnel. Mac’s presentation is guaranteed to provide you with at least three new innovative ideas that will promote an upgraded PM program at your organization, and challenge your current perceptions of PM.

Each RCM Workshop is scheduled according to demand and instructor availability. Please contact us for upcoming dates!